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About Us

BlueSky Trainings is an emotional intelligence-based training company that focuses on cultural transformation. To do this we employ experiential elements and group dynamics that create highly impactful team experiences. These shared adventures, combined with the mindset concepts and leadership tools delivered in them, consistently create extraordinary results in companies. BlueSky consists of a group of experienced professional trainers, with backgrounds in business, coaching and leading seminars. 

Our special magic is the ability to create engagement and participation, drawing out even the most reluctant teammates, to engage in the process of coming together as a team. Our highly interactive facilitation style is based more on participation than lecture, and is a breath of fresh air for our participants. Plus, the impact goes much deeper and creates a more profound impact, than with traditional teaching styles.

Our Mission

We help companies create amazing cultures.

Our Vision

A world where companies operate by the principles of FIP (Fun, Impact and Profit).

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